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Thursday, August 20, 2009


I'm going to my old house
To sort and clean and sell
I just hope I won't get in a twitter
And whither away my time.

I start on the 1st project
Full of energy and glee
Then I forget what I was doing
And go on to 2 or 3.

By then I've had a dozen brainstorms
Zipped from A to Z
Sit down in exhaustion
Where did I put my list?

Some people tell you what they do on Twitter
But I tell you what I don't do when I twitter away my time

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Big Decision

Hello Everybody, I have been away from the computer for months and miss you all terribly!!! It has been a time of self-reflecting and decision-making. I have delved deep into my heart and tried to decide "What is really important to me in my life at this very moment?" The Answer?
The simple life.

My house and yard is too much for me to take care of, not to mention, far more space than I need or want.
So I have officially retired after almost 40 years working as a therapist and/or substance abuse counselor. I am selling my house and getting rid of most of my treasured possessions and/or hoarded "stuff" packed into 1250 sq ft. over a period of 33 years in the same place.
In the beginning I used the "George Carlin" method. I'd stuff all I could into my house until the walls bulged in pain. Then I'd sort, rearrange, put my stuff outside in the trash, go outside and get my stuff out of the trash, take it back into my stuffed house, AND THEN... go buy more storage containers so I can buy more stuff. Then my family attempted to "Clean Sweep" me every time I was hospitalized. I'd come home, my house would be neat and clean, and half of my stuff was gone. I'd search for things like a crazy woman, call and ask "where did you put my ________?" and be told Oh, "I threw that away." Then I'd get angry and pout until I'd realize that "it was just stuff and I didn't really need it or want it." As you know, if you've ever suffered the life of a pathological hoarder, letting go of your stuff is a process rather than an event. My letting go has been a series of events.
The 1st picture is my living room in prepration for the garage sale. The 2nd is the day of the garage sale AFTER THE SALE. Did I sell anything? Yes, but ALL THIS is still left. And I only emptied the kitchen and the attic. One day at a time, I tell myself.
I've battled to try to arrange the pictures, but I give up. You can tell which picture is which and I really want to post this tonight.
Going to Monroe tomorrow for a few days to get rid of more stuff and celebrate my son's 39th birthday. How'd he get so old when I am only 39? LOL

Sunday, May 31, 2009


These past few days have just been so beautiful and magical. Even mundane tasks have taken on an aura of excitement. Life is good. Candace

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Home, Sweet Home

I arrived back in Texas at Pam's house on Sunday. I really understand that phrase so much better now. When I am HERE I feel safe, secure, loved, serene, and protected. A sister's love is so special. You can be honest and not get attacked; You can be silly and not put down; You can be real and not feel inferior. It's a place I can just be me and not need to be more, or better, or different. Just me is just right.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dear Friends, I am returning to Monroe today for a week or so to begin sorting out 32 years of stuff to prepare to sell my house. God has blessed me so much by being able to stay with Pam these past 3 months. Our friendship has blossomed into something really beautiful. I am so grateful she has introduced me to you guys and I have learned how to blog. Keep up your creative energies. Candace

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Raven's Saturday Wordzzle # 58

This is week 58 of the Saturday Wordzzle challenge. Anyone new to the process can refer back here to find out how it works. I had a hard time again this week. Guess it isn't the words.... maybe it's my brain. Agggh. Thanks again to Quilly for supplying this week's words.
The words for this week's ten word challenge were: acrobat; grocery store; ceiling fan; dandelion; bumble bee; alabaster; scissors; chartreuse; strenuously; cube Mini Challenge: iPod; poison ivy; computer; interpreter; optometrist

Alonzo's Salvation Part 3

Dr. Vance walked into the smokey tavern and nodded to two gentlemen sitting at the door. He scanned the bar for the victim's wife but she was no where to be found. He asked the bartender if he had seen the Mrs. The bartender gestured to a small booth in the back. Vance approached the alabaster booth. A ceiling fan moved strenuously over the table top. He saw a small cigar in the ash tray. Oddly the cigar had bright red lipstick on the filter. He knew this was the brand that the Mrs. smoked and he caught a faint whiff of the perfume she was famous for wearing. She purchased it at the grocery store on the corner. He knew it was named Dandelion because his wife often wore it too. Where could she have gone?

Alonzo boarded the Concorde carrying only a black brief case. He settled in to First Class and began reading a magazine. An ad for Acrobat & Bumble Bee caught his eye. In a cube shaped advertisement he saw the sail boat of his dream. He took out a pair of scissors and gently cut out the ad. He opened the brief case, laid the ad on top of the money, and quickly closed and locked the case.

As he walked into LAX, he looked for a concierge. He saw a young man with an iPod to his ear. The song "Poison Ivy" blared from the side of the ear buds. Alonzo asked the young man who was typing on the computer if he could call him an interpreter. Alonzo needed to call his optometrist and he did not speak a word of German. Alonzo completed his call and walked into the cool night air. A chartreuse Porshe 911 Carrera S Coup pulled up to the curb and Alonzo got in. The doorman watched the Porshe drive south. He noticed a dainty hand flick ashes from a tiny cigar. The filter had an imprint of bright red lipstick. To be continued or Not

My Cottage in the Woods