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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Big Decision

Hello Everybody, I have been away from the computer for months and miss you all terribly!!! It has been a time of self-reflecting and decision-making. I have delved deep into my heart and tried to decide "What is really important to me in my life at this very moment?" The Answer?
The simple life.

My house and yard is too much for me to take care of, not to mention, far more space than I need or want.
So I have officially retired after almost 40 years working as a therapist and/or substance abuse counselor. I am selling my house and getting rid of most of my treasured possessions and/or hoarded "stuff" packed into 1250 sq ft. over a period of 33 years in the same place.
In the beginning I used the "George Carlin" method. I'd stuff all I could into my house until the walls bulged in pain. Then I'd sort, rearrange, put my stuff outside in the trash, go outside and get my stuff out of the trash, take it back into my stuffed house, AND THEN... go buy more storage containers so I can buy more stuff. Then my family attempted to "Clean Sweep" me every time I was hospitalized. I'd come home, my house would be neat and clean, and half of my stuff was gone. I'd search for things like a crazy woman, call and ask "where did you put my ________?" and be told Oh, "I threw that away." Then I'd get angry and pout until I'd realize that "it was just stuff and I didn't really need it or want it." As you know, if you've ever suffered the life of a pathological hoarder, letting go of your stuff is a process rather than an event. My letting go has been a series of events.
The 1st picture is my living room in prepration for the garage sale. The 2nd is the day of the garage sale AFTER THE SALE. Did I sell anything? Yes, but ALL THIS is still left. And I only emptied the kitchen and the attic. One day at a time, I tell myself.
I've battled to try to arrange the pictures, but I give up. You can tell which picture is which and I really want to post this tonight.
Going to Monroe tomorrow for a few days to get rid of more stuff and celebrate my son's 39th birthday. How'd he get so old when I am only 39? LOL


Akelamalu said...

I wondered where you'd got to!

I can imagine how difficult it must be to sell up and move. My M&FIL are having to just that now and it's very difficult for them.

Just think though, a brand new start! :)

ccorkran said...

Akelamalu, You are so right, a brand new start and 1000 pounds lighter. I know you will encourage your M&FIL to let go with anticipation of a fresh new start. Hugs, Candace

Finding Pam said...

Good luck sister with the garage sale. You are doing a great job at letting go of your treasures.

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